FORT WORTH (KFDX/KJTL) — The State has rested its case in the Amber McDaniel punishment trial.

As week one of the sentencing trial in Fort Worth wraps up today, here’s what we can expect on day four and into next week.

On day three of testimony, the State rested their case, and the defense called three of their key witnesses.

The first of those witnesses was Martha Staley, James’ sister, who said she and James grew up in an abusive household.

Defense then called two of Amber’s family members: her stepfather David Taylor and her big sister Shala. They were questioned about the kind of relationship they had with Wilder and Amber and how she’s changed since his death.

From the State, we saw Wichita Falls Police Sergeant Brian Sheehan, Chief Investigator of the District Attorney’s office Tye Davis and Sgt. Marissa Cervantes take the witness stand.

Sgt. Sheehan testified that he was assigned to oversee the investigation into Wilder’s death about 12 days into their investigation. He testified that more resources were used and more money was spent on this case than any other case in his career.

He was also questioned about the timeline of the investigation and how Amber witholding those deleted text messages slowed the investigation down.

We expect the defense to continue calling their witnesses on day four. We’re expecting to see Lisa Tanner, who was the Assistant Special Prosecutor in Staley’s capital murder trial, to take the stand, as well as Bubba McDaniel, Wilder’s dad, and his mother and sister to take the stand, too.

One thing’s for certain: those seven women and five men on the jury still have a lot to think about as the trial moves forward into next week.

Make sure to tune in on air and online as day four starts Friday, September 15, at 9 a.m.