FORT WORTH (KFDX/KJTL) — Day two of the Amber McDaniel punishment trial revealed never-before-seen police interviews of Amber and photo evidence from the night of Wilder’s murder, and there’s more evidence still to come.

Wednesday, September 13, Detective Chad Nelson took the stand, and the jury was able to see three very emotional, yet telling, police interviews with Amber McDaniel in their entirety.

It’s important to note that Detective Nelson was not cross-examined Wednesday. The defense attorney Mark Barber informed the court that he wishes to recall Detective Nelson during his Case-in-Chief and will be saving his cross-examining questions for that time.

Just before things wrapped up, the defense called another witness, Wichita Falls therapist Amanda Vickers, to the stand, and she was cross-examined, answering questions about how people deal with grief and what causes people to stay in toxic relationships like Staley and Amber did.

One more takeaway to keep in mind as we move forward: Martha Staley was sworn in as a witness and is placed under the witness rule.

Martha Staley is the sister of James Staley. She is expected to take the stand sometime during the trial.

We’re not sure exactly when that’ll be, but so far we’ve only had three witnesses take the stand.

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