MEGARGEL, Texas (KFDX/KJTL) — It’s been a busy day for fire departments all over Texoma as they continue fighting grass fires in several different areas.

On Tuesday, a grass fire, along with a gas leak, caused 49 patients to be displaced for a short amount of time at Vista Living of Vernon, and in Megargel. High winds caused a fire that threatened the homes of several residents. Residents say they have the Megargel Volunteer Fire Department as well as fast-acting neighbors to thank for not only saving their houses but their lives as well.

Megargel resident Tiffany Perkins said after hearing her dogs barking that’s when she got up and opened her door, and that’s when she saw it.

“One of my neighbor friends was out here with my water hose underneath my tree and the flames were about this high off the ground coming towards my house and I woke my kids up and made them go sit at my neighbor’s house across the road,” Perkins said.

“When we got here the fire was burning this backyard. I believe the origination of the fire was the high line wires hitting together in the high winds and you can see what it did,” Megargel Fire Chief Scot Hayter said.

Hayter said not only is the high temps and wind a challenge but also having enough firefighters to combat the blaze.

“A lot of small volunteer fire departments manpower is always an issue but we had one, two, three mutual aid departments right behind us and so we were able to knock it out pretty well,” Hayter said.

Something that Perkins is very thankful for is the fire department as well as her neighbors.

“If you can see, it’s less than ten feet from my house, we were able to stop it. Ten feet from my house but I had one, two, three really good friends that went and got massive amounts of water hoses and brought them over and we were able to get everything out of my yard,” Perkins said.

That quick thinking is exactly why Hayter said especially with how hot and dry it is, always remember, if you see something say something immediately.

No injuries were reported, as well as, no homes were damaged although Hayter said a few unoccupied storage buildings were lost in this fire.