ARCHER COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — In the United States, Memorial Day is a holiday to reflect and remember all U.S. service members who are not with us anymore.

“We have done this for many years and it never changes. What it means to me is we have set aside one day that we can remember those who have fallen in battle and I know a lot of family members think about them every day,” VFW Post 2676 David Teichman said.

During the ceremony, families of Windthorst veterans of World War II gathered to honor their sacrifices for this nation.

“That our nation has taken this step to establish holiday so that at least one day we all remember those who have fallen whether we knew them or not because they deserve all our appreciation and all of our honor and gratitude,” Teichman said.

The event included several speeches from Father Michael to members of VFW Post 2676 and District 69 Representative James Frank.

“All of us. I would challenge all of us to remember that the people who gave their lives gave their lives to all Americans, not just the ones we agreed with and I think you know in our country we need to remember that. We need to remember that everybody matters, not just the people we agreed with and I think that’s what the heroes that died for our country showed us and I think its the way we should live our lives,” Frank said.

Many young adults and children were seen waving their flag which to Teichman is important because they are the future who will tell other generations the meaning of Memorial Day.

“The young people got to be here because us old people. We are not going to be here much longer. The young people need to recognize what this holiday means. They need to recognize the sacrifices that were made by the people we are honoring today, and by seeing them out here and encouraging them out here it makes them appreciate what they got,” Teichman said.