WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Students and teachers all around Texoma will be returning to school in the coming weeks, and that means it’s time to get school supplies and clothes ready for the upcoming year.

With the annual tax-free weekend coming up, we have put together a Back to School guide to help families figure out what they need to know about school requirements and where to find the biggest savings.

Wednesday’s topic is on Dress Code and Apparel.

The dress codes for the local districts here in Texoma have announced a couple changes students and parents might want to make note of.

This year at Archer City ISD, only girls will be allowed to wear earrings, and boys will not be permitted to wear earrings while at school or school-sponsored activities.

The updated policy also states that shorts, skirts, skorts and any other type of bottoms are to be no shorter than 5 inches as measured from the middle of the knee.

Generally speaking, those guidelines are standard across the board.

At a glance, for Jacksboro ISD and Holliday, only females are allowed to wear earrings as well, and shorts shorter than fingertip length are prohibited.

For the WFISD, dress code is campus-specific; however, the requirements do not vary drastically between campuses.

Generally speaking, clothing brand logos must be smaller than a quarter, shorts must be either 3 inches above the knee or, to make it real simple, around knee length. Additionally, leggings, jeggings and tight-fitting pants may not be worn as outerwear.

Ahead of the sales tax weekend, especially for schools with uniformed dress codes, Consumer Savings Expert Andrea Woroch suggests thinking beyond regular retail because you can save a lot of money by buying gently-used clothing.

“You’re looking at saving up to 80% off sporting goods at Swap Me Sports or SidelineSwap,” Woroch said. “You can save up to 90% off clothing at sites like Thredup or Poshmark, or go to your local consignment store. You can even bring in clothing that your kids no longer wear, that you don’t wear, and get the money that you would have earned on that sale. Put it towards credit and get like-new clothing for your family.”

If you’re looking for school clothes and apparel this weekend, remember that for the Back to School sales tax holiday, look for the Back to School clothing sales at local retailers and consider gently-used apparel if you’re really looking for a bargain.