WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — The annual tax-free weekend is this weekend, and all taxpayers are being encouraged to save money on tax-free purchases such as: school supplies and clothes while also supporting Texas businesses.

Tuesday’s topic is on extracurriculars, and as most parents know, this aspect of finances can get pretty pricey.

Luckily, I looked into it and found a couple tips.

The first is knowing that the sales tax weekend savings are in the accessories and not the big ticket items. Here in Texoma, when it comes to extracurriculars such as music, band or orchestra, you’ll want to look for instrument accessories like guitar strings, reeds and tuners.

Places like Sam Gibbs Music store will have tax exemptions on anything school band-related, and for those larger items that don’t qualify, Sam Gibbs always has 20% off for students.

Additionally for extracurriculars such as athletics and activities needing workout clothes, places like Endurance House have sales for shoes, socks, clothing and anything that has to do with Back to School.

As Owner Mark Pinson explains, one of the great things about looking local is that products can be more customized to fit your needs than major retailers.

“What separates us from the other stores is we do a gait analysis, which basically puts you in the right shoe for you, depending on how your foot hits the ground,” Pinson said. “We have software that we record you with on, and then we bring the shoes that are good. Correct? Your alignment fixes knee pain, ankle pain, back pain. All those things we can help fix as long as you’re not injured.”

If you’re in the collegiate school crowd and needing uniforms, such as nursing outfits, places like the Uniform Shop will have everything on sale this weekend.

When you’re shopping for extracurriculars, remember that tax-exempt sales will be the accessories and ask about general student discount sales for the big ticket items.

Find more information about what is included in tax-free weekend here.