City View ISD teachers express excitement for new school year without masks

Back to School

CITY VIEW (KFDX/KJTL) — City View ISD welcomes its students back next Thursday but teachers there are already preparing to have students back in the classroom.

The teachers say the best of this school year, is being able to see the smiles on their students’ faces.

“The last two school years were pretty rough,” 11th grade English teacher Candance Foley said.

28 years for Candace Foley.

“A lot kind of negative, I guess, attitudes and I guess depression. You could see it,” Foley said.

30 years for Amy Carroll.

“I did not get to see their faces last year, I did not get to see them smile and a lot of times I could not hear them,” 7th grade math teacher Amy Carroll said.

31 years for Vicki Hawkins.

“We taught for just a half a year and then COVID hit and nobody came back,” 2nd grade teacher Vicki Hawkins said.

These seasoned teachers in City View ISD have dealt with many adversities in their years of guiding children. But nothing could prepare them for having to teach during the beginning of a pandemic.

“All had to wear masks. Really hard to teach with that because if they can’t, in my case, I was teaching phonics. In phonics, real hard to see and hear what you’re saying if they can’t see your mouth. So we had some clear shields that we wore,” Hawkins said.

“Especially the kids who were online. They didn’t get on and ask questions a lot. I would have to do a lot of checking with them to make sure they’re understanding. I had some at home who chose a part but it was really, really hard for them to hear us and for us to hear them and to really get involved,” Foley said.

With City View ISD not requiring masks, these teachers will get to see their students’ full faces again. And for them, that is the best part.

“It was quite stressful even last year. So this year we are really looking forward to having our babies back in our classroom, no masks,” Hawkins said.

Already, there is a positive vibe, positive attitude. With our faculty and with the staff and our admin. I’ve talked to some kids, I’ve seen them at the grocery store and they’re just really, I can tell they’re a little bit more excited,” Foley said.

“Start the year off on a positive note and really develop some relationships with them and make them feel welcome. And make them understand that they’re in a safe place and City View is a great place to be,” Carroll said.

Hoping to see positivity in the classroom and a safe and successful school year.

Teachers will get to see their students in person on Thursday at meet the teacher night.

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