WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Breast Cancer affects thousands of women each day, many of those being our neighbors right here at home.

The owner of Weightless, Tiffany Brillhart, knows all too well how challenging a fight against breast cancer can be.

“I found out that I had breast cancer, and that changed the game for me because I had to have six months of chemotherapy, double mastectomies, hormone treatment,” Brillhart said.

She wanted to create a safe space for others going through the same thing.

“I couldn’t do high-impact fitness anymore, so I moped about it a little bit,” Brillhart said. “Then I figured out another way, and Weightless is the other way.”

Her out-of-the-box fitness gym creates a unique way to stay active this month, especially as it’s all about breast cancer awareness.

“This will be the 7th year that we have done Hip Hop Beer Yoga because early detection is so important and can save so many lives,” Weightless Hip Hop Beer Yoga Instructor Rheagan Ortega said. “That’s’ why I do it: it’s so fun. It’s a great way to raise money for our community.”

“On October 14th, that Saturday afternoon, we’re going to have Pink Tutu Bungee,” Brillhart said. “We’re going to throw on some pink tutus and teach some bungee moves. One of my good friends right now is fighting currently, and we’re gonna show up for her, we’re gonna show up for everyone in our town that is going to be diagnosed this month, next, month this year.”

Both agreed that keeping the conversation going is the key to this battle

“To have a space where people are safe and loved and celebrated,” Ortega said.

“It makes me feel so proud and makes me feel like I can breathe,” Brillhart said. “It makes me feel weightless.”

A feeling they hope to give to everyone.

For more information on classes at Weightless and to get signed up for Hip Hop Beer Yoga or Pink Tutu Bungee, click here.