BURKBURNETT (KFDX/KJTL) — Following a report by a concerned neighbor, seven malnourished puppies were rescued by Burkburnett Animal Control Friday morning.

The 13-week-old pups were left with no food and water, and it was reported that the puppies were seen eating sheetrock for food. They were found at a rescue in Burkburnett.

“There’s no guarantee they’re going to survive. There’s no muscle mass, there’s no body fat,” P.E.T.S RT vet Kari Banahan said.

The puppies are now being treated at P.E.T.S Clinic in Wichita Falls. Banahan says there are a few ways to ensure rescues are safe for pets.

“Any reputable rescue, if they get an animal in this condition, the first thing they’re going to do is go to a vet,” Banahan said.

Several of the workers from P.E.T.S. came in on their off day to care for the little fur babies. They will be treated there until they’re in more stable condition.