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Clockwork and Uber Demonstrating Network Observability and Controllability for Multi-Cloud at Oracle CloudWorld 2023

Cloud Deluxe™ demos also available at Clockwork's booth—#114—in the Industries Hub

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Clockwork, a developer of advanced cloud technology for time-sensitive enterprise applications, today announced it will be co-presenting controllability and observability of real-time applications on OCI with Uber at Oracle CloudWorld 2023 (Booth #114).  Clockwork's team will also share best practices for improving cloud infrastructure performance using Clockwork's Cloud Deluxe™ platform – a suite of software tools that reduce latency, eliminate almost all packet drops and optimize network performance to lower costs and improve user experience.

Clockwork and Uber Will Demo Network Observability and Controllability for  Multi-Cloud at Oracle CloudWorld 2023.

On Wednesday, September 20, at 9:05 a.m. PT, Clockwork's Dan Zheng and Mwad Saleh will present a 20-minute talk titled "100% Network Utilization AND Zero Packet Loss: You kidding me!?!" at the Vision Theater.  The software from Clockwork can convert unpredictable data networks into deterministic, time-sensitive systems thanks to its core clock sync technology.  Using examples from e-commerce applications, Clockwork will demonstrate how its Cloud Deluxe™ software can optimize network performance, enable more effective delivery of "time-sensitive" applications and data, and improve the performance of latency-sensitive apps and AI/ML workloads while accomplishing more with less resources.

Later, at the Lido 3104, The Venetian, Level 3 at 5:15 p.m. PT, Clockwork Co-Founder Balaji Prabhakar will join Uber's Senior Director of Engineering Sekhar Pasupuleti for a 45-minute session discussion titled "Controllability and Observability of Uber's Real-time Applications on OCI with" The presentation will showcase how Clockwork's technology enables fine-grained observability (VM availability and colocation, one-way delays of packets, ingress/egress congestion at VMs, etc) in Uber's hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure.  Also showcased will be Clockwork's  controllability solution: minimizing congestion from background traffic so that Uber's real-time app traffic experiences very low latency, which drastically cuts down the tail latencies for the requests from Uber's drivers and customers.

"Being purely software-based, our solutions are readily deployable in on-prem, hybrid and multi-cloud environments.  They can boost the performance of low-latency and high-performance cloud applications across a broad range of industries, including e-commerce, financial services, healthcare—just about every time-sensitive use-case," said Prabhakar.  "Clockwork unifies observability and controllability on top of a foundation of highly scalable and accurate clock synchronization.  By eliminating latency and bandwidth bottlenecks and giving network users and cloud tenants unprecedented visibility and control over their environments, Clockwork allows organizations to extract the maximum value from their cloud resources and spend, and provide the best possible online user experience for their customers."

To learn more about how Cloud Deluxe eliminates fundamental latency issues, stop by Clockwork's booth at Oracle CloudWorld for a demo (Booth #114 in the Industries Hub, September 19-21), or visit the  Oracle Cloud Marketplace to get the app and

About Clockwork
Founded by a team from Stanford University, Clockwork's technology enables time-sensitive applications in areas such as financial trading, high-tech, and online gaming. Being software-based, its solutions can run anywhere: in on-premises data centers, public clouds, or hybrid environments. Taking aim at the "clockless architecture" prevalent in distributed systems and networks, Clockwork aims to redefine a large part of the way these technologies (which underlie the cloud) are currently practiced. Learn more at

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