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AltHub Launches New AI-powered Alternative Data Monetization Platform

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An Innovative Platform Set to Disrupt the Alternative Data Ecosystem

We want to empower data-driven companies across all industries to refine their raw data, creating alternative data sets for investment firms while unlocking a new revenue stream.”
— Scott Hall, CEO of AltHub
BROOKLYN, NY, USA, September 18, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- AltHub, a leading player in the world of data transformation, proudly announces the launch of its state-of-the-art AI-driven platform: AltLab360. Built on cutting-edge technology, AltLab360 unlocks new avenues of data monetization for businesses while providing unprecedented insights for investors.

Leveraging the prowess of artificial intelligence, AltLab360 effortlessly turns untapped data into high-value, ready-to-use datasets. "Our goal is simple yet profound: We want to empower data-driven companies across all industries to refine their raw data, creating alternative data sets for investment firms while unlocking a new revenue stream," stated Scott Hall, CEO of AltHub.

AltLab360's SymLink module is a testament to the platform's innovation, capable of linking public and private companies to over 300,000 global brands. In addition, modules like Fundamental Edge & Quant Lab offer self-serve capabilities for portfolio modeling and predictive financial analysis, making it an essential tool for both Data Providers and Data Buyers.

Chief Product Officer, Vishnu Thurpati, remarked, "With AltLab360, we're bringing to the market a solution that demystifies data transformation. This is the next leap in data monetization and financial analysis."

AltHub’s Traction

AltHub was founded by two executives from top schools and companies in the financial data and data science space: Scott Hall, CEO, and Vishnu Thurpati, Chief Product Officer. With a deep-rooted expertise in financial data and advanced technology, the founders are uniquely positioned to navigate the burgeoning landscape of alternative data, data monetization and data as a service (DaaS). This insight is further underscored by a recent Deloitte report, which forecasts a whopping $137B industry by 2030, emphasizing the critical convergence of data providers and data buyers.

AltHub isn't just focused on groundbreaking technology. The company has already showcased its ability to generate revenue, boasts a growing client and partnership portfolio, and recently closed a Seed Round of funding from venture capital firm, Pearl Group, bringing total funding to $1.4M.

Jordan Pasternak, Head of Partnerships, commented, "The benefits of AltLab360 are twofold. Data Providers can transform and monetize data, creating new revenue streams, while Data Buyers can access unique datasets ready for financial modeling, ensuring sharper investment insights."

With its launch, including a marketing push with oversight from Tim Keane, AltHub is poised to set a new benchmark in the world of alternative data, proving once again its commitment to leading the next wave of data-driven innovation.

About AltHub:
AltHub turns untapped data into unique alternative data, generating new revenue for companies and providing valuable insights for investors. We strive to unlock potential, drive growth, and foster data-driven investments.
For more information about AltHub, visit https://althub.com/ and follow us on https://www.linkedin.com/company/althub

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