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Watt Water launches world’s first energy drink that comes in the form of a water dissolvable cube

Raspberry Rapids cube drop into drink

Raspberry Rapids cube drop into drink

A natural energy drink that provides sustained energy. Its active ingredient is Guayusa, an Amazonian super-leaf, and each pocket-sized pack contains 5 drinks.

We are excited to provide a solution to current short-comings of energy drinks. Watt Water is made with a natural active ingredient that provides a much better energy boost than traditional drinks.”
— Watt Water CEO
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, September 18, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- Watt Water Beverage Company announced today that it has launched its direct-to-consumer (D2C) offering of its core range of Watt Water energy drinks, the world’s first energy drink that comes as a dissolvable cube, through its website. They provide worldwide delivery and customers can expect to receive delivery within 5 days across the globe.

Watt Water is a unique energy drink that is made with Guayusa, a plant native to the Amazonian rainforest. The energy comes from the plants’ blend of caffeine, polyphenols and chlorogenic acids, which uniquely lets it provide a long-lasting energy effect which emphasises focus and an uplift in mood. Early research suggests that it has significant improvements in both focus & reaction time, making it a great source of energy for those partaking in competitive activities as well as those wanting to enter a ‘flow-state’, i.e. being fully immersed in a feeling of energised focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in an activity.

Because the drink is compressed into a cube, there are environmental advantages compared to canned energy drinks. A dry cube format is more energy efficient due primarily to size and number of drinks that are in a pack. While it may take 1 truck to transport a million Watt Water drinks, one would need 20 trucks to transport the same amount of canned energy drinks. That's 20 times more CO2 emissions. Though cans themselves aren't made of plastic, plastic is wrapped around each shipping pallet and each individual 12-can tray when transported to stores or warehouses. As a result, using cubes like this leads to 81% reduction in CO2 emissions and >95% reduction in plastic (during transportation), or >99% reduction if compared to drinks that use plastic bottles.

Watt Water’s Guayusa is organically farmed and fair trade. Their packaging is also a single material plastic that can be recycled an unlimited amount of times. “We are excited to launch Watt Water and provide a global solution to current short-comings of the energy drink market” said Watt Water management. “Watt Water is made with a natural active ingredient that provides a much better energy boost than traditional drinks.”

Watt Water drinks are available in a variety of flavours, namely Orange, Grapefruit, Peach, Cherry, and Raspberry. Their entire offering is sugar and calorie free. They're sold in pocket-sized packs of 5 cubes. Prices start from £1.19/ $1.47 / €1.38 per drink and are available to purchase online.

Watt Water suits people who are on the go. In terms of portability, Watt Water is more practical than energy drinks that come as powder in tubs as consumers can easily add the cubes to any bottle, regardless of the size of the bottle opening.

About Watt Water
Watt Water is manufactures and distributes dry format cubes that, when dropped into water, dissolve in an energy drink. For more information, visit www.wattwaterdrink.com.

Vasilios Kottas Bonel
Watt Water Beverage Company
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Bottle and Watt Water drink pack

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