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Next-Generation Wind Energy: FREEN's Pioneering Small Wind Turbines for Low Wind Conditions

FREEN® is changing the wind energy sector with its innovative small-scale wind turbines specifically designed to address low wind conditions.

Our commitment at FREEN® is not just to produce wind turbines but to engineer solutions that redefine the future of sustainable energy, especially in challenging wind conditions.”
— Gregory Levkovets, Chief Operating Officer at FREEN®
KOHTLA-JäRVE, ESTONIA, September 18, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- In today's evolving energy landscape, wind energy is paramount. Yet, even in this advanced domain, selecting the optimal site for small wind turbines and ensuring their efficient operation in low wind scenarios can be daunting.

The process of site selection for wind turbines demands meticulous analysis, encompassing anemometric studies to factor in all elements that might influence the turbine's efficiency. FREEN®, at the forefront of small wind turbines production, has unveiled a groundbreaking method to calculate wind speed probability distribution parameters, guaranteeing precise turbine placement.

However, even with the best site selection, the dilemma of low wind persists. This refers to scenarios where wind speeds are below the optimal range for generating electricity through standard turbines. In such conditions, even the best turbines falter, leading to diminished electricity generation and prolonged ROI periods. This is especially true for regions with inconsistent or feeble wind patterns, where despite hefty investments in wind infrastructure, the actual power output might fall short of projections.

Addressing this, FREEN® introduces its state-of-the-art small wind turbines: FREEN-5 and FREEN-15. The FREEN-5, a vertical wind turbine tailored for home and commercial rooftops, boasts a nominal power of 5 kW. Its advantages are manifold: a mere 500 kg in weight, cost-effective maintenance, simple assembly, and the capability to function at wind speeds as low as 2.5 m/s. This turbine promises silent operation, both on-grid and off-grid, without necessitating wind orientation mechanisms.

Conversely, the FREEN-15 emerges as a patented wind generator, offering a nominal power of 14.7 kW. Ideal for both on-grid and off-grid scenarios, it caters to a diverse clientele, from households to gas stations and farms. Operational from wind speeds of 3,3 m/s, its low noise output makes it suitable for various residential and public settings.
Both models represent FREEN's commitment to innovation in small wind turbines designed for regions with minimal wind potential. Collaborating with global scientific and research entities, FREEN® is unwavering in its mission to refine its small wind turbines, ensuring unparalleled results for customers.

Gregory Levkovets, Chief Operating Officer at FREEN®, remarks, "Our commitment at FREEN® is not just to produce wind turbines but to engineer solutions that redefine the future of sustainable energy, especially in challenging wind conditions."


FREEN® is an innovator in small wind turbines, championing the cause of sustainable energy with its unparalleled wind turbines.

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