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Bradykin, the beloved Coton de Tulear, returns with another adventure for readers

Bradykin's Joyful Adventure

Bradykin's Joyful Adventure

Briley & Baxter Publications

Bradykin’s Joyful Adventure debuts as the #1 New Release in its genre on Amazon

This book incorporates the happiness of my own childhood, with the hope of bringing joy to readers.”
— Megan Downing

PLYMOUTH,, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, September 18, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- Briley & Baxter Publications is proud to announce the release of Bradykin’s Joyful Adventure written by Susan and Megan Downing, a mother/daughter writing team. It will be available on Sept. 19, 2023, at Barnes & Noble, Amazon and other online retailers. This is the second best-selling book in the children’s series.

“Megan and I were inspired to write Bradykin's Joyful Adventure by our shared belief in the importance of fostering genuine joy in children's lives. We wanted to shift the focus away from fleeting happiness derived from material possessions and instead encourage kids to find lasting joy in simple, timeless activities throughout all four seasons of the year,” said Susan Downing.

This book emphasizes that joy is an inner state of contentment and delight, which children can practice and cultivate through positive experiences, whether they are surrounded by family, friends, or pets shared Susan Downing. The authors hope to inspire young readers to find lasting joy that comes from within, rather than relying on external sources of temporary happiness.

This is particularly relevant in today's fast-paced world, where the pressure to constantly chase external validation and instant gratification can take a toll on mental health.

“We believe that nurturing joy from within can be a powerful tool in promoting children's mental well-being and helping them navigate the challenges of modern life with resilience and happiness,” Susan Downing went on to say.

Joy is something children can practice daily, and it can serve as a vital aspect of their mental health and overall well-being.

“This book incorporates the happiness of my own childhood, with the hope of bringing joy to readers,” added Megan Downing.

About the Authors:
Susan Downing calls Hanover, Mass., home and has a passion for writing fueled by the inspiration she received from her favorite elementary English teacher, Mrs. Beatrice Barnicle. Dogs and children hold a special place in Susan’s heart. Through her books, Susan endeavors to capture the essence of small-town values, family traditions and happy memories. Her aim is to create stories that resonate with readers, while also preserving the everyday moments that shape families and create lasting memories.

Megan Downing is currently enrolled in the Winston School of Education and Social Policy at Merrimack College, where she is pursuing her passion for children, education, and creative writing. Her love for these areas has been evident since her early years. During elementary school, Megan successfully convinced her parents to choose Bradykin as their beloved family pet. Megan played a pivotal role in the development of the Bradykin stories, infusing them with her love for Martha’s Vineyard and contributing creative ideas that shaped both the storyline and the imagery shared with their talented illustrator, Chris Young.

About Briley & Baxter Publications
Based in Plymouth, Massachusetts, Briley & Baxter Publications was founded by award-winning author Stacy Padula. Briley & Baxter Publications works with authors in a variety of genres, including non-fiction, young adult, children’s, science fiction, self-help and inspirational. Their books are available through Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Target, Walmart, iTunes and other major distributors. Each month, ten percent of publishing royalties are donated to different animal rescue organizations.

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