WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Three sisters of St. Mary of Namur, who have dedicated more than four decades to the Wichita Falls community, are getting some help as they move to the metroplex.

“When I was assigned before I came, a sister told me, ‘you will love the people of Wichita Falls’, and it’s true,” Sister Ginny said.

Three sisters of St. Mary, Sister Ginny arrived in Wichita Falls in 1968, Sister Patricia in 1970, and Sister Mary first came in 1948 before leaving and coming back in 1987. All three dedicated many years to Notre Dame.

“I taught at Notre Dame elementary for 12 years and then I felt called to parish ministry,” Sister Ginny said.

Sister Patricia taught junior high and high school.

“I taught religion or theology whatever they wanted to call it and I taught all of the grades seventh through 12th and I loved it,” Sister Patricia said. “I had a great time.”

Sister Mary taught elementary.

“I taught first grade which was my love, little children, and I taught them until 2002,” Sister Mary said. “Then I went part-time and taught computer technology to first through fifth.”

Back in March of 2021, parents and faculty at Notre Dame, a place these sisters dedicated so much of their lives to, were sent a notice from the Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth saying the schools would close permanently at the end of the school year due to financial struggles, aging physical facilities, and low enrollment. This news was heartbreaking for the sisters.

“We can understand the big problems of finances,” Sister Mary said. “We understood that. But, it doesn’t keep us from hurting from it.”

After hearing about how much of an impact they have made in the community from close friends of theirs and then learning they are moving to Fort Worth to live with other retired sisters we thought they were the perfect people for our next Christmas Came Early gift.

“On behalf of Hamilton Bryan and KFDX Channel 3 we would like to give y’all a little a Christmas Came Early gift, $300,” Steve Fairchild of Hamilton Bryan said.

A gift that was quite a surprise for the sisters but something they are thankful for.

“We feel very honored and humbled,” Sister Ginny said. “We feel our time here has been totally blessed by God.”

Talking to friends, you can tell they’ve made an impact on many and will be missed in the community. Sister Mary has a plan for how they can use the money.

“Have a good time on the way home, no not really,” said Sister Mary.

Sister Patricia said when she taught they didn’t have textbooks so she had to come up with the learning material on her own.

Sister Patricia and Sister Ginny headed to Fort Worth this past weekend while Sister Mary is waiting until after Christmas. Remember, if you’d like to nominate someone, click here.