WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — We are so close to Christmas and our Christmas Came Early’s are just about done too!

We bring you the fifth installment and we had a little bit of a crowd for this one!

“This is awesome, huh? This is so awesome. She’s gonna be so excited.”

But the first reaction.

“Definitely a surprise,” Christmas Came Early recipient Jessica Dean said.

Although now on the fifth ‘Christmas Came Early,’ I think the signs, balloons and crowd helped with that.

“I do watch channel 3 faithfully so I did see the thing,” Dean said.

Pulling her out of a non-profit management class at MSU also helped but the clues were there this time.

“And I did kind of wonder why Amy wasn’t getting here though. So yeah it was kind of weird I didn’t expect it at all,” Dean said.

The wow factor was still there though.

‘On behalf of Hamilton Bryan, I’d like to offer you this Christmas gift and I hope you use it wisely. Oh thank you!’

Dean, Director of Wichita Falls Sober Living, is another well-deserving recipient.

“She has a big heart. She’s, she’s, I don’t even know what to say without crying,” Lisa Camp, who nominated Dean, said.

Dean welcoming those who need a place to go in a trying time in life, into what becomes family to many.

“She makes sure you know that we all have food and places to go and transportations to and back from work. I mean anything we call her night and day and she’s there no matter what,” Camp said.

“This is her family. Endless hours, even when we’re off work we’re not off work. Saving lives you know that’s her thing and she’s doing a great job and she really deserves this,” Amy Bruno said.

And she’s always looking out for her family even when she receives a holiday gift.

“We’ll be able to do their stocking and do the towels and do the stuff that we planned on doing,” Dean said.

While those closest to her will continue to encourage her to treat herself a little bit too.

“I wish she would do something for herself, she better! She deserves it for sure. She’s just so wonderful,” Camp.

Wrapping up another Christmas Came Early.

You can find more about Wichita Falls Sober Living on Facebook and downtown across from the county courthouse.

To nominate someone for the last installment of Christmas Came Early click here.