WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — In our sixth and final installment of Christmas Came Early, we have a special story about a former marine, who served in Iraq, and now often works overnights and holidays to make ends meet for his family.

It’s a feeling many relate to around Christmas time.

“Like they all got their lists and it keeps growing,” Jesus Aviles said.

Christmas shopping for your kids, relatives and friends adds up.

But thanks to a little surprise: “On behalf of Hamilton Bryan and KFDX we’d like to do you Christmas Came Early and offer you $300, you had a nice person send in your name that this may come in handy for you,” Steve Fairchild with Hamilton Bryan said.

Aviles can fill out those Christmas lists from his children a little easier this year!

“It means a lot, we still got to pick through what they should get but it helps out a lot. We don’t have to tell them no on all the stuff that they wanted,” Aviles said.

From health issues with kids, to the holiday season, a lot’s going on. But even when Jesus isn’t taking care of his family, he’s treating others the same way. Helping any way he can even when he feels like doing more.

“You know it feels good that someone thinks that I’m giving and I have helped some people out but there’s like a lot that I cant do but yeah it feels good that somebody is thinking about me,” Aviles said.

A theme we’ve seen over the last six weeks of Christmas Came Early. There’s always someone watching and thinking about you, even when you don’t notice, and doing the right thing pays in the end!