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The best thing in weather is a windy dry cold front.  To stand with a warm, humid south wind at your back, then have nature turn on the air conditioning and feel a chilly north wind on your face, is pure magic.
Kevin’s wife Tracy, son Matthew, and Kevin arrived in Wichita Falls from Dallas/Fort Worth.  He was the Chief Meteorologist at Texas Cable News since the launch of the station in 1998.
Prior to returning to Texas, Kevin was a 1988 graduate of Texas Christian University, he was the Chief Meteorologist at WTVR-TV in Richmond, VA.  Tracy and Kevin met in Richmond.  She also did the weather for one of the competing stations!  Kevin and Tracy still remember how much fun it was when people would recognize one of them, or the other, and then take a minute to figure out what competing meteorologists were doing together.
Kevin started his television weather career in Birmingham, AL at WBRC-TV where he was the weekend meteorologist.  Studying meteorology through Mississippi State University, and learning in a very active weather market, set a very serious tone for severe weather coverage that he carries with him today.
Prior to television Kevin worked as a radio announcer at stations in Birmingham, Austin, TX, Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, Boston, MA. Newport, RI, and he started his career in Providence, RI.
Kevin is a woodworker, bicyclist and an avid photographer and loves to take day trips.  He hopes you will take a moment to find him on social media and share the best things about living in Texoma.
Please come up and say hello if you see Kevin around town, and he would love to come and do a weather program for your school or organization.