WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Crime Stoppers has been instrumental in fighting crime in our communities.

Since 1981, tips have led to over 8,400 cases closed and over 5,500 arrests in Wichita Falls alone.

“We give an avenue for people to use that are maybe afraid to speak out against crime,” Wichita Falls Police Officer Brian Arias said. “With crime stoppers, we allow people to report tips to us anonymously, and we forward those tip information to detectives or officers working the streets.”

Crime Stoppers needs your help, not just with solving crime, but with its second Chase the Chief Armadillo Derby.

“The dollars are hugely important because they pay out the tips and they also help fund our Safe Schools Program,” Crime Stoppers Secretary Jackie Riley said.

Last year in a one-month period, Crime Stoppers was able to speak to over 3,000 students through the Safe Schools Program, and donations made that possible.

“We are much bigger than just paying out tip rewards,” Arias said. “We are all about being involved in the community because again, people want a safe way to report without repercussions from criminals. But we’re reaching out to kids who are subject to a lot of crimes that go on in schools and also are afraid to report due to bullying, cyberbullying.”

Last year Mayor Stephen Santellana and his armadillo Golden Opportunities won the race at the last minute.

Wichita Falls Police Chief Manuel Borrego, Fire Chief Donald Hughes and Wichita County Sheriff David Duke are aiming to win this year’s competition.

“We are a nonprofit organization here to support the police department in their efforts to help stop crime in the community,” Riley said. “And without the public support, what we do as a nonprofit wouldn’t be possible.”

No matter who wins the derby, the real winners will be you and Crime Stoppers.

To donate to Crime Stoppers and select ‘chief’, click here.

You can also scan the QR code below.