ELECTRA (KFDX/KJTL) — In light of the recent tragic shooting in Uvalde, schools all across Texas are amping up their security measures.

Electra I.S.D. has added multiple added safety measures to help ensure students are as safe and comfortable as possible.

Junior High and High School Principal Don Hasley said all summer long, several staff members have gone through extensive training learning how to handle an active shooter if the situation arises.

“Anytime you can take steps to make kids feel safe and secure, I think you gotta take those steps,” Hasley said.

That’s exactly what faculty and staff are doing to prepare for this upcoming school year.

“Anytime there’s something new, you definitely have to develop those procedures and those protocols and come up with staff members that are going to be responsible for that, so it’s just adding those new things into our existing plan,” Electra Elementary Principal Amanda Williams said.

Williams said this year, every classroom door will be locked while the kids are in class, as well as a new program put in place.

“Guardian Program is an initial responder, so that is where your staff members who have been specifically trained in that program, they act as an initial responder in the event of someone you know entering the building that should not be there,” Williams said.

Hasley has been with Electra I.S.D. for three years and said it can be tough taking on additional duties, but it’s something that has to happen.

“It’s a shame, it’s the nature of the beast,” Hasley said. “Times have changed, and everybody has had to keep this constant vigilance 24/7. We want school to be inviting, we want school to be exciting and we want everything about school to be great for kids, but the adults now have to take on an extra layer of supervision just to make sure that that can take place.”

Williams said these extra measures aren’t going to stop them from giving the students a fun and engaging education.

“Our staff has worked so hard to make sure that everything has been looked at, and we’re just excited for the new school year, and it’s definitely a priority to always be safe but always to make it a fun and engaging learning environment as well,” Williams said.

Taking every necessary step to make sure the students that walk through the door on August 22nd are as safe as possible.

As part of the Guardian Program, several trained staff members will be armed, as well as signage being posted around campus stating that some faculty are armed and will use whatever force necessary to protect their students.