WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — If you happen to be on Taft Boulevard this weekend, you have a chance to help out a great cause.

The Kappa Sigma Annual Box-A-Thon is underway right now.

Several MSU students will be building makeshift houses out of cardboard boxes, where they will sleep until Sunday afternoon.

That’s not all they will be doing; students on the corner of Taft and Hampstead Lane will be taking donations, and all funds raised will be donated to the Wichita Falls Faith Mission and Faith Refuge.

Philanthropy Chair for Kappa Sigma Andrew Grisham said this event is a great way to raise awareness for the homeless.

“We’re out here doing this just to help raise money for a problem that not a lot of people think about,” Grisham said. “They tend to forget it when they’re at home watching TV, so it’s really a nice cause that we want to bring awareness to.”

The Box-A-Thon will be going until roughly 1 p.m. Sunday, November 7.

If you can’t make it by there, they are also holding a canned food drive. Donate to that here.