WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — The public is invited to the Wild Bird Rescue for a fundraiser ahead of the organization’s busy season.

Jeff Bryant and Caitlin Schafer from the rescue joined our show with two of their feather friends: Spartacus and Archie.

Carney Porter: Well, thank you. Welcome back. We have Jeff Bryant and Caitlin Shafer there from the Wild, the Bird Life Rescue. And they’re joining us to tell us all about their Baby Bird Shower coming up, and they even brought us some special guests. Thank you so much for being here.

Jeff Bryant: Thank you for having us.

Carney Porter: Tell us a little bit about them. They’re so beautiful to look at. They’re kind of mesmerizing.

Caitlin Schafer: Yeah, they’re awesome. So this is Spartacus. He came to us. He was hit by a car. His wing was healed incorrectly, which is why it’s a little- you can see it’s a little broken. We call him Spartacus because whenever he kind of goes to fly, he…

Jeff Bryant: Kinda looks like a shield.

Caitlin Schafer: It kind of looks like he has a shield. So he’s one of our 11 birds that we have out there that are education birds that we take out to elementary schools and all sorts of clubs.

Jeff Bryant: Our main goal is obviously when people bring birds in, it is to get them rehabbed and get them back out into the public and make it right where they belong. But we have some occasionally that come in that can’t, and so we’re permitted by the state. So we do things like come to this and we have a baby bird shower like this weekend and we go to schools and we work with the kids and have educational programs.

Carney Porter: I bet that’s cool for them to see something that’s not in their everyday life and that’s not something that they’re going to find at home with their dog or their cat. Oh, absolutely. So what are some fun, quick little fun facts about these guys? Because it’s like every day you just you’re just hanging out with a crow or, you know, hawk.

Jeff Bryant: Archie is is like a two-year-old child. He gets into everything, he flies around in the- in the rescue there and just flies around. He’s either landing on your head or your shoulder and riding around with you. But he’s so smart. He – we had to lock him out of the office because he was stealing our pens and money.

He likes money,and he likes to shred it. So about the third visit to the bank to get money replaced, they said that’s enough of that. So we started locking the door. And what he likes to do is knock on the door. We’ll put a pistachio underneath. He’ll take the shell off, eat the nut, push the shell back and knock on the door again.

Carney Porter: He knows what he’s doing. He knows what he has to do to get those treats.

Jeff Bryant: He does, he does, he does.

Carney Porter: Oh, my goodness. Well, we’re having that baby bird shower come up soon. It’s happening April 8th and it’s going to be from 10 to 2 in the afternoon, and it will be on Lake Shore Drive. And it’s free of charge for you to come out and enjoy it.

Jeff Bryant: And we’ll have refreshments and all kinds of things. We want everybody to come out and have all of the birds out so people can see them firsthand. And so we just invite everybody out.

Carney Porter: Well, they’re looking forward to it. Thank you all so much for joining us. Thanks guys!