WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A baseball injury as a teenager, requiring five separate surgeries, was a silver lining for United Regional’s newest orthopedic surgeon.

One of the worst days, can in turn be a game changer. For United Regional’s newest orthopedic surgeon, Jason Hoffman Jr., D.O., it happened during a summer league baseball game in high school when he played for Petrolia at the time.

“We had two outs and it’s like, hey, we have to score or we’re like, basically the game’s going in a tie for summer league and I did a delayed steal, so basically the catcher caught it and kind of lobbed the ball back to the pitcher,” Dr. Hoffman said. “I stole third base, the pitcher, everybody panicked, he overthrows third, I come sliding into third and as the ball is out in left field, I need to go home to win the game, but I can’t get up, I keep falling.” I rolled over and my arm looked like a ‘Z’.”

His injury is what fueled the medical passion for the hometown guy, a Wichita Falls High School graduate, who decided it was time to come back.

“My parents’ initial instinct was absolutely not send them to Dallas,” Hoffman said.

Dr. Hoffman brings with him expertise on knee and hip joint revisions, especially having just finished a joint replacement fellowship. He wants those who have some sort of complication or issue with their joint surgery to only have to go a few miles, not hours, down the road.

“The reality is most of the time things go great and they don’t have any issue, but things like infection or they got it done 20 years ago and it’s become loose or they’ve worn out one of the parts or the doctor that they had done from his retired or whatever the case is really their only option up to this point has been, well, go find somebody big in Dallas or Fort Worth or one of the metroplex areas,” Dr. Hoffman said. “That’s something that I don’t have a problem seeing somebody else’s work, doing the work of getting to the bottom and trying to find out what the problem is.”

One thing he wants patients to know is that they’re not going to leave his office uncertain about their diagnosis or treatment.

“I think as doctors, we don’t do a good job of explaining the basics, so if something as simple as we use the term arthritis, but what does that even mean? and so I like to backtrack and do a little bit of basic explanation to so that everybody’s on the same page and that even goes into a joint replacement understanding,” Dr. Hoffman said. “Number one, expectations, where we’ve come, where we’re headed, and how I do the joint replacement, you know, what recovery is going to look like, and then showing folks, this is a model, this is exactly what your knee replacement looks like.”

Now it has all come full circle as Dr. Hoffman shares the operating room with the very doctor who healed his arm, Dr. Michael Sheen so that Hoffman can now heal others.

“I’ve had this plan for a long time and just say, hey, I want to go back and operate with a guy that operated on me when I was 14 years old,” Dr. Hoffman said. “It’s it’s kind of surreal, it’s like, wow, he literally operated on me when I’m a child and I didn’t know what I was wanting to do with life or anything and now we’re colleagues, we work together, we’ve operated together.”

Dr. Hoffman is looking forward to playing a key role in the new United Regional Center for Advanced Orthopedics, opening early 2023.

Hoffman told KFDX a story about him and his buddy who decided they wanted to go to medical school but knew they needed to have some sort of hospital experience.

He says he applied for everything including janitorial positions at United Regional.

Sure enough, United Regional was starting a scribe program and he was their first hire, becoming scribe number one.

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