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WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) —It’s true: America has a weight problem. Thanks to bigger and meatier portions, inactivity and a lack of nutritional knowledge; diabetes, hypertension and heart disease are all too common in adults and even kids.

Texas tipped the scales in 2019 by having the fattest city-metro area in the country —Mcallen, Texas.

Obesity Rates in Wichita County compared to the state and national average

In Wichita county, the obesity and premature death rates over the past 20 years have soared well above the state and national average.

Premature death rates in Wichita County compared to the state and national average

Among those scary statistics was Clint Lee, a registered nurse who weighed 320 pounds.

“I got in my mid 30’s or so and started gaining a little bit of weight, then started getting a desk job and not moving around as much and it just kind of kept adding on and finally got to a point where four years ago I had a heart attack…”

Men like Lee who have abdominal obesity are more likely to have additional heart attacks in the future, and after being on the operating table once, Lee was hesitant to do it again. Instead, he went with a non-surgical weight loss option provided by United Regional called Mediloss.

In 2019, Mediloss participants lost a collective weight of 3,229 pounds. Since the start of 2018, they’ve lost nearly 6,200 pounds.

Thousands of miles away is Erica Gitchel, a UR nurse practitioner who provides individualized weight loss advice via telemedicine, which is a different approach from the many typical weight loss programs out there today.

“It’s not like you’re having to count points or anything like that,” says Lee. “With this you learn how to change your diet program, what you can and can not eat, which foods are beneficial for you, which ones react bad with your body…and you have to really realize that it’s not just a weight loss program it’s going to be a lifestyle change.”

Another unique aspect of the program is the FDA approved weight loss medications that are prescribed to each patient. For example, Lee takes Phentermine each morning and has gone from a size 46 to 38. However, Lee says he’s not done yet and still has about 20-25 pounds left on his goal.

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