WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — One Texoma nonprofit is expressing gratitude to area nonprofits, businesses and donors that came together during the COVID crisis and helped in ensuring their success.

The purpose of The Refuge, located in Olney, is to strengthen communities and families, support churches and teach the gospel according to the bible, a mission the director Rodney Nantz, and board member Lyndsey Miller said they managed to accomplish in the midst of a pandemic.

“Our staff is so great about always willing to listen and being there and trying to meet those specific needs, I think that was really key for a lot of people that had been isolated or people that were hit especially hard,” Miller said.

But that didn’t change the fact that adjustments had to be made to keep the community safe like many other area organizations.

“Up until 2019 we had faithful giving all the way through and we had many programs that we were doing on a monthly basis with lots of volunteers but when COVID hit we had to re-evaluate what we were doing we had to slow down everything that we were doing realizing the programs were going to possibly come to a cease,” Nantz said.

Miller said they still made it possible to meet a need.

“They’re always just willing to talk to anyone that needs a friend to talk to, it’s just great having a free place to work out, free art classes, free theater camps, free martial art classes, free movie nights,” Miller said.

And though things took a turn last year, Nantz said the community remained steadfast in their giving.

But how can Texomans help in The Refuge’s mission?

“We are contingent upon steadfast giving so continual giving and supporting our programs, praying for us for the future, coming out to The Refuge and seeing the things we have going on and participating in what we’re doing,” Nantz said

Nantz and Miller urge the community to help them continue to keep their mission alive.

A great time to give back to this organization and others in Texoma is on September 9 for this year’s Texoma Gives.

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