Sports Spotlight: Trevor King- July 24, 2019

Northside Indians

Trevor King has always been a hard worker whether it be in the classroom, on the farm, or on the football field.

“He’s just a kid that you put him out wherever you need him to play and he’s going to play hard. One time last year or his Junior year, or Sophomore year, I am sorry. We actually had him play defensive back and he’s never played it before, but that’s what we asked him to do and he stepped up and did it. He’s just a good hard working kid,” said Jeremy Reeder.

“I wake up in the mornings and go feed everything. Come to school, and then have practice until about five and then go home and walk hogs until its dark and go to bed and repeat it,” said Trevor King.

While many people know Trevor as the starting running back for the Northside Indians, what some may not know, is he has a condition known as Stargardt’s disease which inhibits Trevor from seeing objects straight in front of him.

“He uses nothing but peripheral vision, and so its difficult to catch a pass directly to him or to take off and to see somebody coming right at him. Now if hes looking to the side, he can see everything he needs to see, but just you know anything straight in front of him its going to be blurred or he cant see it at all,” said Jeremy Reeder.

“Sometimes when I am running the ball or trying to catch a guy I’ll have my head cocked to the side so I can see a little bit better. It’s a little more tricky not getting tackled in the backfield by someone you didn’t see, but you just have to power through it and just try to run them over,” said Trevor King.

“I mean he’s had this since.. I want to say he said between second and third grade. He’s just grown with it and he understands.. He said his condition has stabilized the last three years, and I mean just more maturity more physical as far as player improvement. But he’s always been a good football player. A good athlete,” said Jeremy Reeder.

An athlete which receives great support from coaches, teammates, and especially the fans in the stands.

“They understand what he’s capable of. Whenever he gets a big run or hits somebody they get excited just like they would anybody else. They expect him to have a big year. They know he’s going to run the ball a lot. They know people are going to have trouble tackling him head on and we’re going to try to feed off of that,” said Jeremy Reeder.

Trevor King has always been a hard worker. No opponent, especially Stargardt’s Disease, will stop this running back from giving his all- 100 percent of the time.

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