HENRIETTA (KFDX/KJTL) — If you’re not looking close enough, you may miss it.

“People in this town who have been here 50 years don’t know that we’re here. We’re right next to the hospital and we’re accepting new patients,” Clay County Memorial PA-C Christine Workman said.

Most Clay County residents know the hospital, but they may not know about its family physician clinics nearby, where patients are family.

“It’s good quality care here. Our patients are fantastic. They’re almost like a second family to us so we try our best to take care of them,” FNP-BC Cari Howard said.

“The people, they’re the salt of the earth kind of individuals, they’re all really good people,” family physician Neil Berry.

“You’re not just a number, but you’re a face. We recognize who you are and you get your patients who you see all the time and they’re like a second family,” Clay County Memorial CEO Lisa Swenson said.

Tiffany Wilson came to Henrietta from San Antonio for the rural lifestyle and a chance to really get to know her patients.

“I like just the slow pace, you have more time with patients, you don’t have to get them in and out in 5 minutes and so you can get to know your patients and build relationships,” Wilson said.

The same goes for Christine Workman.

“I’ve built a rapport with patients and I feel like we’re making a very big difference in people’s lives and that you don’t really find in the big cities, coming from that environment,” Workman said.

Clay County Memorial Hospital and its family of doctors, nurses and staff is home to emergency care services, primary care physicians and your friends.

“What I hear from a lot of patients is that you really take time to listen and I think that’s the difference in some of the really big facilities is they have so much volume to see and we can really take our time with patients,” Wilson said.

“We can take new patients and not have to worry about turning people away and so you can come here and receive good care,” family physician Neil Berry said.

The family physician offices treat a variety of things.

“Knee injections, shoulder injections, small procedures in the clinic, like suturing or biopsies, your pelvic exams so it’s a little bit of everything,” family physician Noemi Guerrero said.

“We treat all conditions, diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, we do medical weight loss for some patients that meet criteria. We also can do a lot of osteopathic procedures here to help with chronic pain in that regard,” Workman said.

Swenson cannot brag about her staff enough.

“Just good hometown care and that’s what we want to promote here is that we can take care of you, you’re one of ours, you can even come from outside the community and we’ll still take care of you, but I can’t compliment the staff enough. It takes all of us to be a team,” Swenson said.

“It’s really important that the people in the rural areas receive the same standard of care that they offer in the urban areas,” Berry said.

“Come to see us, we’re welcoming, taking new patients all the time and hablamos español,” Guerrero said.

From newborn, to end of life, these clinics and this hospital are always ready to bring in new members to its family.

The hospital also just finished up some major renovations.

Visit the Clay County Memorial Hospital for more information.