ELECTRA (KFDX/KJTL) — The Electra Hospital District wasn’t always a multi-functioning healthcare system.

“We began with Electra Memorial Hospital and since then we’ve grown to add three clinics, two pharmacies, an ambulance service, a medical supply company, and a daycare,” Electra Hospital District Director of Communications Ashley Honea said.

For Honea, quality care starts with the people who go to work there every day.

“We really truly do have the best staff, We’ve got the best staff at every location just providing great patient care all the way around, so for us, hospital week is just another opportunity for us to thank healthcare workers, not just nurses, but healthcare workers throughout the whole patient process. From billing to environmental services to dietary needs,” Honea said. “It’s all about providing patient care from start to finish and so with us having the ability to take care of you through home health, through rehab, through in-patient services, even our pharmacy we have access to a patient from start to finish and they can just work through in one location.”

Like every healthcare system in the country, Electra is still dealing with COVID-19, but Honea says it’s been a learning experience like no other.

“We are so much stronger of a healthcare force than we ever thought we were and COVID just really proved that to us,” Honea said. “Just after all of this time, we are just so thankful to have learned and grown so much. I mean, it was such a learning opportunity for our hospital and we just took it and ran with it and we could not have done it without the staff that we had.”

And at the heart of the hospital district is giving back to the communities it serves.

“Anything to help our local schools further anything that they need. We love to get involved with anything in the community and that to us is another part of hospital week, is celebrating our healthcare workers, but also the communities that we reside in because, without them, we wouldn’t be here,” Honea said.

So during this hospital week, her encouragement is to tell a healthcare hero just how much they matter.

“One way that you can do that is just by thanking a healthcare worker, not just nurses but everyone. Everyone in the healthcare industry deserves praise this week and we are just so proud to have the best of the best here,” Honea said.

A simple thank you, for a community hospital that can get you well taken care of.

“For a rural community to have access to all different types of healthcare is so important and something that everyone should take advantage of if you live in the area and have time to come over,” Honea said.

That rehab center you saw in the story is not just for patients, anyone can sign up for a membership and use the fitness center on their own time.

Electra Memorial has fun things planned for its staff all week. But come July, the public is invited to its Fourth of July celebration. Texoma’s Homepage will post those details when they become available.

Click here to visit the hospital’s website.