WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) —It’s not the Empire State Building but there is a building that towers over the train tracks on 7th and La Salle in Downtown Wichita Falls. It’s known as the World’s Littlest Skyscraper, and it does have a unique past with an even more unique business inside.

This century old high-rise houses the eclectic furniture and consignment shop called Hello Again, perfect for any Sunday stroll or after-brunch activity. As soon as you walk in, you’re overwhelmed by an organized chaos of furniture and decor that oddly enough makes you feel right at home. The plethora of items inside are either old, new, borrowed or one of a kind. For example, adjacent to the checkout counter is a replica of a Louis XV desk and a rare Monk’s Table that transforms from a table into a throne chair.

The way owner Jan Saville acquired such as grandiose place and all its treasures is about as interesting as the building itself!

“This store existed and it was Hello Again, it was owned by the previous owners, they were military at the time and they had an assignment and were leaving and was going to have to close,” says Saville. “I walked in here one day for three cans of paint, and bought the whole store—I didn’t even get a discount on the paint.”

The rest is history as they say. Speaking of history, the World’s Littlest Skyscraper may be one of the best architectural scandals of all time, that’s to fluke in the original 1919 blueprints and an alleged con artist.

“The lore is we should’ve been 480 ft. tall, that’s 40 stories—we’re 480 inches tall, that’s four stories or 40 ft tall,” says Saville. “Of course it wasn’t very practical for office space [it’s intended purpose], especially since it didn’t even have stairs, it had only a ladder to ascend to the top floor.”

Four flights of stairs were added to its renovation years later. Each level containing funky clothes and jewelry, before ascending to the top floor, which is a museum of sorts. You’ll find interesting factoids about the building and a great view of the city that has drawn in folks from around the world.

If you Google ‘what is there to do in Wichita Falls?’ We’ll be in the top five things to do,” says Saville.

While trying to gather more business for herself, Saville is doing her part to help people who are struggling during these hard times with her consignment program that allows people to sell new or mint condition items for a good price, setting her business apart from other furniture stores or antique shops.

On top of being the sight of a historical landmark and consignment store, you can add travel agency and small business promoter to Hello Again’s services as well!

“They [store visitors] will ask where can we go to eat? Where is some other shops we can go to? What are the other things we can do?” and I often feel like I’m the travel bureau and I send them off to those various places…I try to spread the love the best way I can,” says Saville.

This landmark has been many things: A cafe, a cobbler shop and even a boarded up mystery. Yet hopefully, Hello Again will be here to restore the Littlest Skyscraper’s reputation for a very long time.