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WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KFDX) —Strange, macabre, weird, sinister, theatrical and spectacular: all adjectives one would choose to describe a traveling, alternative circus with a flare for the supernatural called Paranormal Cirque.

Underneath the peaks and valleys of this giant, menacing black and red rent is a large black stage where the magical performances of Paranormal Cirque are experienced all across the globe, from its birthplace in italy, to right here in Texoma.

Paranormal performer and manager, Olivia Mattice says their group of ghouls travels to a different city every week for an entire year around the U.S., putting on adult entertainment that is scary good! But a more menacing foe named COVID-19 has caused this circus to clean up their act in a major way.

We have people within our staff who’s specific job role is that they make sure everything is sanitized and a safe environment for our guests and for us as well,” says Olivia. “We have a lot going on with regulations and whatnot to make sure that everybody is safe and comfortable nonetheless because we are really privileged to have our circus traveling and open and performing for guests.”

Olivia adds that around this time of year, so close to Halloween, is always the best time to play around with their unique horror theme.

“Some favorites that we have would definitely be our finale act which is our “Wheel of Death” and then we also have our awesome contortionist, he’s also a favorite,” says Olivia. “A unique act as well would be our hair hang act, she plays this exorcist type of role and she’s dressed super creepy her personality on stage is just really almost cringe worthy!”

Some these fantastic fiends come from all around the world just to perform with Paranormal Cirque, like daredevil Luis Hernandez of Mexico, who’s act is the great “Wheel of Death”!

“I spin around 360 degrees, and when I’m spinning around, I do tricks inside the wheel and outside the wheel wearing a blindfold and skipping the rope and other stuff as well,” calmly explains Luis.

“We have people from Senegal, from Columbia, from Belarus, we’re a pretty diverse group and I think that’s what adds to our alternative value,” says Olivia.

And when he’s not freaking everyone out with his bone popping movements, contortionist Ben Holland is a great hype man for this one of a kind show.

“Everybody has been cooped up in their houses for so long, we want to give people something to look forward to, something to come out and see and experience, to go out with their friends and family,” says Ben. “Amazing things, amazing artists, amazing tricks all from around the world but it gives it that paranormal feel and it’s all in the name Paranormal Cirque!”

Paranormal Cirque was here at the J. S. Bridwell Agricultural Center from Oct. 8th-11th.

Paranormal Cirque is an adult only show and will continue haunting Texans with its next stop in Lubbock! For tickets and more details, click here.

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