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WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) —As people change out of their sweatpants into their athletic shorts and work up the courage to head back to the gym, some may want a more exciting way of staying fit. Lucky for them, there’s a fitness studio in Downtown Wichita Falls that lets you bounce, kick, jump and practically fly!

From bouncing bungees to aerial aerobics, Weightless WF is a unique fitness boutique that also holds a special purpose for owner and instructor Tiffany Humpert Brillhart, who like some of her participants, is a breast cancer survivor.

“When I was 38, my son was a senior in high school and I was going from coast to coast with a job that I had at the time and I didn’t do my self exams for like two or three months,” says Tiffany, “I started feeling ill and then I found a lump in my breast…”

This discovery lead to a double mastectomy, rounds of chemo and hormone treatments for Tiffany. Yet, even after all this, she opened up her own business that’s tailored to help those who can’t work out the conventional way.

“Cancer survivors a lot of times are going through like hormonal treatments and it wrecks your joints, your joints hurt, your knees…we’re just trying to remove the weights of those limits.”

Weightless launched off the ground on March 11th of this year. Unfortunately, it was the same time COVID-19 forced city and county leaders to temporarily close down several businesses, including gyms and fitness studios.

“So many of my friends are entrepreneurs and some have had to close their businesses down, some of them have had a loss of business, several of us did not receive grants or funding, particularly Weightless, we were too new.”

But during their closure, Tiffany used that time to give back to others instead.

“We liquidated all of our cleaning supplies, they went out to the immunocompromised community,” says Tiffany. “We made bags that had Lysol wipes, disinfecting wipes, toilet paper, paper towels, stuff that was really hard to find. That’s why specifically the immunocompromised, I had walked that journey and didn’t want anyone to be shut in without the supplies they needed.”

This fun style of staying active, paired with Tiffany’s infectious positivity now has people from all over Texoma coming out to see if they can be a “Weightless Warrior” too!

Ann Hollis of Electra says, “How one person can go through what she’s gone through and to create this wonderful class it has…it let’s me know that nobody has a limit.”

To sign up for classes at Weightless, click here.

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