IOWA PARK (KFDX/KJTL) — Have you ever wanted to take a step into the 1870s? The western times where cowboys, outlaws, and gunslingers roamed the town? Thanks to a local group, now you can!

“A lot of it just comes from us gathering up out here to have a practice and someone says, ‘hey I have an idea’, and we’ll build from that and that’s where 90% of our skits come from,” actor Marshal Garrett said.

Meet the North Texas Gunslingers! A group of friends turned actors who get together for western reenactments. The group puts together skits from the 1870s era, and they aren’t just your average skits.

The group has built a whole town to give their audience a real western feel because the only thing fake around these parts are the bullets!

“It’s something that we need more of! We’re losing all of this. I think the more we have people doing this, people will come and watch. Them people that you don’t even know are taking their time out to come and it’s something new to do on Saturday night,” actor Ronnie Holliday said.

These guys don’t do any of this for profit, but instead for the community. Taking what profits and donations they do get from their shows and handing it right back to families in our community who need it most.

“In little kids’ eyes, we’re all heroes and everybody wants to be a hero, right? And, that’s the whole thing of it. The best feeling is when you hand a kid four or five Christmas presents and they were already expecting that they would have none. We’ve had them just break down and cry it’s that, that is enough to inspire you for the whole next year,” Garrett said.

So the North Texas Gun Slingers want to keep this good thing going so they invite you to come out and see a show and please donate, to help them and help others.

“It’s pretty fun! So luckily, knock on wood, we haven’t had nobody have any injuries or anything. We built this water trough up here and somebody’s going swimming. Can’t say who yet but somebody’s going swimming,” Holliday said.

So come check out all of this gun slinging action, you wont regret it!

You can catch all the action at their next show coming up on September 18th! You can find out more information about the group here.