On today’s Two-Minute Test Drive, Chris Showalter is with Taylor at Red River Harley-Davidson.  It was 120 years ago that this American icon was born and they’re celebrating all year at Red River Harley-Davidson.

Taylor is showing a 2023 BOB from the South Dale family.  It has a 114 engine and a six-speed transmission.  It can be equipped with a windshield, saddlebags, and a backrest.  It’s a very popular motorcycle and a bike that many people start on.  In contrast, he shows a Road Glide.  The Road Glide is in the touring family.  It’s a larger frame motorcycle and it’s used for long distance traveling.  It’s equipped with hard saddlebags, navigation, and many safety features.  It can be equipped with a tour pack if you want to travel long distances with it. 

Freewheelers, the trike, is a three wheeled motorcycle.  Many people are transitioning from two wheels to three.  It’s a nice, comfortable, big trike, and it can be equipped with a backrest and a trunk for storage.  This bike is a little bit safer because you don’t have to hold it up and with the three wheels, it’s easier to maneuver.  They have 22 of them available now at Red River Harley-Davidson.

During the 120-year celebration, you can find many different motorcycles, helmets, coats, collectables, and much more.  So come out today and look at everything available at Red River Harley-Davidson.