On today’s Talking Texoma, host Chris Showalter is with Brendan Weatherman to talk about the 78th annual Graham Concert Association that begins this Sunday night.

Brendan says that for the first performance they’ve got renowned actor, television and movie star, Barry Corbin. Barry Corbin will be giving a kind of a breakdown of his life and film and interesting stories and anecdotes.

Graham Concert Association has a great season planned. They’ve got William Beckman, who was here last year. William Beckman is phenomenal songwriter and performer from Del Rio. Then they’re following that up with Katie Offerman and Ryan Beaver, also some singer songwriters based out of Nashville.

Go to GrahamConcertAssociation.com. You can buy all your tickets and season passes online. They always recommend buying the season pass, so you’re guaranteed a ticket in the seat. The individual tickets do typically sell out, so they’re limited.