On this week’s Talking Texoma, Andrea Russell is with Tiffany Brown at the Wichita Falls Teachers Federal Credit Union. Tiffany oversees the loan department at the Teachers Credit Union. The unique thing about the credit union is that the people who bank there are called members. Those who would like to become a member can visit their website and find a full list of eligibility requirements to how to become eligible for membership.

Wichita Falls Teachers Credit Union has a line of credit that is similar to a credit card. You can access it online which is especially convenient during the weekend or if an unexpected emergency comes up. You can go online if you have it available, or you can just transfer it over at your convenience. They also offer auto loans at very low rates. Their rates are now as low as 2.75.

They also have an $8,000.00, 8% for 48 months loan which can be used for things like back-to-school shopping, family vacations, home repairs, or unexpected emergencies. This will be going through for the rest of the year. To apply for these loans, you can go to the WFISD website to get an online application, or you can call or come by the credit union to talk to a loan officer.

So, if you have a specific need, come visit Tiffany or one of their other loan officers at The Wichita Falls Federal Credit Union today.