On today’s Talking Texoma Haley Clifton is at Children’s Aid Society with Lisa Choate, director.  The Children’s Aid Society has both the children’s home and the teen shelter.  They had 572 confirmed victims of abuse and neglect last year in Wichita county.

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month.  They are part of a child abuse prevention committee in Texoma, and they try to bring that to the forefront of people’s minds.  They are looking to identify abuse and how to report abuse.  There are often signs that a child is being neglected or abused depending on the type of abuse.  Physical markings and behavioral issues are some of these signs.  It’s important to listen to what children have to say.

There are things that people in Texoma can do to help.  The Children’s Aid Society would love to see everyone at their community events.  These events will be posted on Texoma Child Abuse Permission page.  They are always looking for staff members and donors at their agency.  So, if you’re looking for a job to help or looking to volunteer or donate, check out Children’s Aid Society in Wichita Falls.