On today’s Talking Texoma, Gwyn Bevel is with Chad Witherspoon from Luxury Bath in Wichita Falls. With home prices skyrocketing, you may be looking to stay in the home you already love, but you may be looking at doing some renovations. If the bathroom is where you want to start, Chad has some things for you to think about when taking on a project like this.

The first thing is preparedness. Most people think a convenient way is to do it yourself. They usually know immediately when they start that they are probably in over their head. Right now, we are often at the mercy of the supply chain. There are things that you think you might be able to go and get, but it’s sometimes not going to be there. You may have to special order an item and then realize that it is three or four months down the road. So, preparedness is a big thing. We all watch TV shows and see things in magazines that are incredible. But sometimes they just don’t fit into your space. So, make sure that you can actually do the things that you want in your bathroom area.

You also need to think about how long you plan on being without your bathroom. If you come to Luxury Bath, they are going to have a game plan ahead of time. They will find out all your wants, needs, and desires and design a bathroom just for you. Once they have a game plan, they will have everything prepared to take care of your bathroom in one or two days.