On today’s Talking Texoma, Dee King is with The Lantern House owner, Tommy Ayers.  The Lantern House has been in Texoma for over 50 years, and they’ve recently moved.  They are now located two doors down from Trott’s Drugstore in the Callfield Shopping Center. 

The Lantern House sets themselves apart from the big box stores that sell lighting by offering a service to their contractors, selling quality products, and having 50 plus years of experience.  When a customer comes in to make selections for lighting for their home, they do a complete take off from their floor plans.  Then, they’ll go to the house and double check all the plans.  Once the contractor has the product delivered to the house, they’ll go back after they’re finished and balance out all the fans, check the lighting, and make sure that everything is programmed correctly.  They will also give the customer one year in-home service.

The Lantern House has great displays of beautiful light fixtures with quality at a price you can afford.  So, for all your lighting needs, come into The Lantern House in the Callfield Shopping Center today.