On today’s Talking Texoma, Taylor Durham is with Scott Defalco from Power Swabs in Los Angeles, CA.  He is in Texas to bring white smiles to area viewers in less than 5 minutes without sensitivity.  He paneled a hundred ladies and a hundred men to choose digitally altered pictures of a man and then a woman with stained teeth and then white teeth.  They all chose to kiss and spend time with the picture showing the whiter smile.  Your teeth affect your appearance, and in 7 days of using Power swabs, you can look like the person with the whiter smile. 

Scott explains that it is a fast 2 step process.  When you get the power swabs in the mail, you get a box of 7 stain out swabs and a box of 7 whitening swabs.  You rub the stain out swab on your teeth for 2 minutes.  This removes the stains and hydrates the enamel.  Then you rub on the whitening swab for 2 minutes. In less than 5 minutes your teeth will get on average 2 shades whiter.  You will do this once a day for 7 days and your teeth will get 6 shades whiter. 

So, keep your teeth whiter when you are drinking your coffee during the day and having red wine at happy hour.  Simply, go to powerswabs.com or call 1 800 665-6716 for a 40% discount, free shipping, and a free on-the-go stain out quick stick for daily maintenance.  It is like brushing your teeth without having to.