On this week’s Talking Texoma, Dee King is with Dr. Brian Rich of Acellerated Interventional Orthopedics to talk about chronic shoulder pain. Some of the main causes of chronic shoulder pain come from those who have had a total shoulder replacement, previous rotator cuff repair, chronic impingement, or overuse. These are the more common causes of chronic shoulder pain, and it is very debilitating for a patient.

Dr. Rich explains that someone who has had these types of procedures are easy to notice. They don’t want to move their arm around, and it’s easy to see. So, at Acellerated Interventional Orthopedics, they do diagnostic injections in the clinic to block the offending problem and to see if it’s just the shoulder that’s causing the pain. If they have a successful block, they’ll do a purple nerve stimulator in the shoulder. Dr. Rich has published his approach and people in the country are now doing this approach specifically. For patients that have a successful block, they’ve never had one fail when it went to stimulation.

Dr. Rich is the first one to ever implant a purple nerve stimulator for the shoulder, and he is still the only one that does it in this area. So, don’t live with chronic pain. Come and make an appointment today with Dr. Brian Rich of Acellerated Interventional Orthopedics.