On today’s Talking Texoma, Dee King is with Dr. Brian Rich of Acellerated Interventional Orthopedics to talk about chronic knee pain.  The most common causes of chronic knee pain are overuse, osteoarthritis, and wearing down of the knee joint itself.  Surgery at a young age sometimes accelerates the joint and wears it down.

Sometimes we think about chronic knee pain and needing an orthopedic surgeon.  There are surgical indications for knee pain, but at Acellerated Interventional Orthopedics, they can do diagnostic injections to see if the knee pain is a surgical condition or a non-surgical condition.  37% of all post total knee patients and 24% with some implants are still having pain after surgery.  If it’s just a particular clean out type surgery, many are still having pain and they try to backup and do the same type of thing again where they do an injection or a diagnostic injection to see if the cause of the knee pain is non-surgical.  They can implant a peripheral knee stimulator in the clinic to see if it’s beneficial for the patient.  If it is, it will help relieve their pain. 

Dr. Rich is one of the first ones in Oklahoma and in this area to implant these peripheral knee stimulators.  If you or someone you know is having chronic knee pain, call Dr. Brian Rich today at Acellerated Interventional Orthopedic.