On today’s Talking Texoma, we have Dr. Brian Rich of Acellerated Interventional Orthopedics. Dr. Rich is an interventional spine and pain physician. He works primarily on back, shoulder, and knee pain and those who have had chronic pain or who have had surgery and are still in pain.

Dr. Rich says that a typical patient is one who has had surgery or patients who have been in pain for a long time. This might be from a specific degenerative condition or something that they don’t want to have taken care of surgically. These patients may have given up on being pain free.

Dr. Rich has minimal and non-invasive procedures. In Oklahoma and in the North Texas area, he has performed some of these procedures that no one to this day have done yet. He says that it’s common to see people who have had back surgery and are in still in pain. These are the patients that Dr. Rich gets the best results with once they get in the door and he can sit down and look at what’s really causing their pain and problems.

Acellerated Interventional Orthopedics is a great resource that we have right here in Texoma. So, if you or someone you know has chronic pain, contact Brian Rich today.