On Talking Texoma, Haley Clifton is at Radiant Aesthetics on Brook in Wichita Falls with the owner, Jodi Shawver, and her client, Chani Brisco.  They’re talking about different types of injections including neuromodulators and cosmetic dermal fillers. 

All their nurse injectors have a full platform to work from.  They sit down and talk with their clients and do a full assessment.  They discuss such things as the client’s body chemistry and whether they have an active or sedentary lifestyle.  This helps them find the best neuromodulator.  Those are Botox, Dysport, and Jeaveau.  They also look for the best fillers.  Some of the fillers include products like Restylane Kiss, Juvederm, and RHA. 

When you come into Radiant Aesthetics you can expect a full assessment of your muscles.  You might be asked to show a frown, anger, or surprise to see if you’ve lost volume in your cheeks.  They’ll do a full assessment of the muscles to find out what is best for you and the injections will be given by nurses.

Jodi, the owner of Radiant Esthetics, has been invited to Nashville for the live launch of DAX Devine.  This is the newest neuromodulator on the market.  It’s vegan and has a plant-based peptide.  They’re very excited to add it to their training. 

Don’t trust your face to just anyone.  Be sure and contact Radiant Aesthetics on Brook right in the heart of the medical district in Wichita Falls.