On today’s Talking Texoma, Shana Jackson is with Janet Beard at Harvest Drug in Wichita Falls to talk about fall, flu, and fashion.

When you walk into Harvest Drug, you may decide that you want a Halloween tree. They have a cute, full set of Halloween ornaments that are unbreakable and would be great on a Halloween tree or in a bowl. They also have a round top pumpkin yardstick, pumpkin spice candles, and rugs and pillows that make your home smell and look like fall.

When you are in looking at their fall items, you can fill out a form for a flu shot or a COVID booster shot. They are also your shot vaccination center.

This fall, Harvest Drug has lots of three-quarter length jackets. They also have a great selection of jewelry. They have some wonderful necklaces and bracelets that you can put into the freezer for 4 hours, and it will keep you cool for 45 minutes. They are great if you need them for a football game, if you have a speaking engagement, or even if you are having a hot flash. They also have a wonderful magnetic closure.

So, come by Harvest Drug in Wichita Falls to shop for lots of fall gift ideas and home décor.