On today’s Talking Texoma, host Haley Clifton is with Dr. Richard Guess and Registered Dental Assistant (RDA) Kelsie Whalen of Maplewood Laser Dental Clinic to chat about dental emergencies.

Dental emergencies are things like broken teeth, knocked out teeth, busted lips and pain.

RDA Kelsie says established patients can call our emergency line 24 seven. If it is a true emergency, they will begin with an exam where Dr. Guess will determine the cause of pain and recommend immediate treatment and/or a long-term plan to restore overall oral health.

However, if you are not an established patient and it is not during Maplewood Laser Dental Clinic’s normal business hours and they are not able to treat them at that time, they recommend that you go to your medical doctor or the E.R. If it is serious or have a dental emergency during their normal business hours, you can give them a call and they would be more than happy to help.

Maplewood Laser Dental Clinic has a membership program for people who do not have insurance. This plan includes preventive care like cleaning, exams and X-rays.

Neglecting a toothache or recommended treatment can result in severe dental issues. So, be proactive if you’re looking for a dentist or you have questions and remember they have the great membership program at Dr. Agassiz Maplewood Laser Dental Clinic in Wichita Falls.