On today’s Talking Texoma, Dee King is with Dr. Brian Rich from Accelerated Interventional Orthopedics. We all know someone who has had surgery but are still in pain. Dr. Rich sees that often. At Accelerated Interventional, they get many patients who have maybe had a fusion in their spine, a total shoulder replacement, a knee replacement, or some type of surgery and they are still in some form of pain.

In many of the more advanced interventional procedures that they have there, they are able to trial some of these patients to get them in to see if they can help them with various therapies. Many patients are lost and are in a situation where they really want to get out of pain but do not want to take opioids for it or are afraid of going into another surgery. So, procedures are individualized to each patient. The invasiveness of the types of procedures that they do to try to help some of these patients get out of their post-op pain, are not remotely as invasive as the one they had to have with the initial surgery in the first place. Typically, when you do a more minimally invasive procedure, the recovery time is really short.

So, if you have had surgery and you are still in pain and feel lost, call Dr. Brian Rich today at Accelerated Interventional Orthopedics.