On today’s Talking Texoma, Gwyn Bevel is with Chad Witherspoon, owner of Luxury Bath in Wichita Falls.  It is a new year, and many people are looking to get that new, beautiful bath.  It was a trying year in 2022 with all the crazy increases in prices. But right now, Luxury Bath is offering free installation to those people who call soon.

There are many reasons why the people of Luxury Bath are called the local leaders.  One of those reasons is that everybody who comes out from start to finish works for their company.  Also, their designers and installers work for them.  Everyone who comes in are their employees.  So, as local leaders and local owners, they are going to control everything from minute to minute.  This is what sets their guarantee apart.  They guarantee that everything is going to done to perfection.  Even the staff that you do not even see. 

It is a new year, everyone.  It is time for that new, beautiful, improved bathroom in your home.  Call before January 20th, and they will throw in free installation.  Call and talk to Miss Paula, walk around the showroom, or they can set up one of their designers to come to your home and design everything custom to your needs.