On today’s Talking Texoma, Andrea Russell is with Dr. Ebrahim from The Community Healthcare Center to discuss the COVID vaccine.  Dr. Ebrahim states that it is beneficial to receive the COVID vaccine even after having COVID and recovering from it, because it still provides protection.  He continues by saying that the only reason a person shouldn’t get the vaccine is if they report an allergic reaction to any component of the vaccine or if they develop an allergic reaction to the first dose.

Two of the three vaccines available in the United States are Pfizer and Moderna.  The Pfizer vaccine is approved in children 12 and over and is 100% effective in children and adults.  Based on new knowledge, this vaccine will be effective for approximately 6 months, but no one knows for certain.  Right now, a third dose or booster is not recommended. 

Dr. Ebrahim continues by saying that they provided 6,500 doses of the vaccines Pfizer and Moderna at The Community Healthcare Center.

Some side effects that they have seen are soreness at the site of the injection, chills, and subjective fevers, but he still strongly recommends that all should get vaccinated.  The vaccines given in the United States also protect against the Delta variant. This particular variant is a variant of concern, because it is 75% transmittable.

Patients can walk into The Community Healthcare Center to get a vaccine, or they can call there for a scheduled time to get it.  Either way, be sure to get your COVID vaccine today.