On this week’s Talking Texoma, Shana Jackson is on the MSU campus with the conductor and musical director of the Wichita Falls Symphony Orchestra to talk about the celebration of their 75th Diamond anniversary. On November 5th, you can come join them for the second concert of the season titled Guitar Greats.

Guitar Greats features a wonderful American guitar player who is famous all over the world. Sharon has won multiple Grammys, and they are very fortunate to have her perform with them. She will be performing two concertos for this particular concert. Aiken Auditorium was chosen to allow her to be heard well acoustically.

So, if you are a guitar lover, you want to be sure to grab your tickets by calling the box office or going online. Tickets are $10 discounted for students. There are also discounts for military and senior citizens. Other tickets can be purchased up to $50. The performance is November 5th and begins at 7:30pm. Come dressed however you want. They want you to be comfortable as you listen and enjoy the concert.

Call or go online to the Wichita Falls Symphony Orchestra today for your tickets.