On today’s Talking Texoma Dee King is with Steve Sparks, the CEO of The Wichita Falls Faith Mission.  The Faith Mission has services and programs for individuals who are homeless and trying to get back on their feet again.  They have emergency services that provide meals, shelter, clothing, and beds for anyone who needs them.  Their two locations are Faith Mission for men and families and Faith Refuge for women and children. 

 The Faith Mission also provides case management for people who come there without an I.D., are looking for a job, or are looking for medical or legal help.  They have faith-based addiction recovery programs and job readiness programs.  They also provide transitional housing for people after they graduate from their programs to help them have more time to get back on their feet. 

If you would like to volunteer at The Faith Mission, you can call or go online at faithmissionwf.org and find their volunteer page.  They also appreciate financial donations through a check, online, or a text to give.  They also accept gently used items for their stores where they can take them and resell them to support their programs and services.  They try to make it as easy as they can for people to be supportive of their services.

So please help men, women, and children become self-sufficient.  Give, donate, shop, and volunteer today for the Wichita Falls Faith Mission.